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ガイド本人へのご依頼以外にご質問がございましたら、Contact us または下記のアドレスへお問い合わせください。

The list is sorted alphabetically according to the surnames of the guides. The list includes guides who are unable to accept payment for work due to employment contract with their current employer.

Ms. Emiko ABE
National Government Licensed Guide Interpreter:English

I like hiking and taking hot springs. After hiking, taking a hot spring is the best match for me. If you like hiking, hot springs or both, Tohoku provides you with a multitude of options as it has a lot of mountains and hot springs. I’m also interested in the history of castles, temples and so on. Visiting them will deepen your understanding of Japanese history. Please let me help you find your own Tohoku.

National Government Licensed Guide Interpreter:English
Unable to accept any paid work due to employment contract

Hello! I’m Maki, an English-speaking tour guide. Yamagata is a fascinating place full of the blessings of nature, historical sites, traditional culture, and delicious food and sake. Here endures the best of old Japan and Japanese spiritual culture, passed down over centuries. In Yamagata, you will find a beautiful relationship between man and nature, and feel the warmth of the local people. I will help you discover it and ensure you have a memorable experience.

Ms. Kaori IRWIN
National Government Licensed Guide Interpreter:English

I specialize in Yamagata and am willing to take tours throughout Tohoku, the northern part of Japan. Yamagata, once described as “another Japan”, is about maintaining a happy balance between people and nature. I offer my services to those wanting to experience Japan’s unbeaten tracks.

Tohoku is a treasure house of scenic beauty across all four seasons: historic places, traditional culture, onsens and local delicacies. With my long experience of interpreting, I’ll make your trip a very special one: everything from gourmet experiences to academic research tours can be arranged.

National Government Licensed Guide Interpreter:English

I live in Sendai. Sendai was affected by tsunami on March 11, in 2011. I want to send a message from the affected area to the world. I also like traveling all over Japan. So far, I have guided foreign tourists over a hundred times.

I studied at Syracuse University as a Fulbright visiting scholar and taught Japanese culture to foreign students at Tohoku University. Based on such experiences, I am good at guiding tourists particularly from the academic world.

Ms. Nobuko KUBOKI
National Government Licensed Guide Interpreter:English

My name is Nobuko and I live in the Tohoku District which is in the north-eastern region of Japan. I have the National English Tour Guide Certificate. In the Eastern part of Japan there is a large variety of tourist attractions which strive to satisfy your interests, such as world heritage and historical interest and old-fashioned houses, plus spectacular scenery galore. But these are not just all the things that I would like to show you. Actually, there are also many other places worth visiting where you can experience what is peculiar to Tohoku District, such as traditional life style, nostalgic atmosphere, customs, arts and crafts, local products, wonderful cuisine , hot springs . I am greatly looking forward to assisting your tour and I hope you enjoy your trip.

Ms. Hiroko KUROI
National Government Licensed Guide Interpreter:English

With the experience of taking care of international students from all over the world in the university, I'd love to introduce many aspects of Japan, including subculture, places for animal lovers and incredibly beautiful scenery in Tohoku (northeastern part of Japan).

I am sure you can enjoy not only mainstream sightseeing spots, but also unique places in Tohoku where old traditions are cherished amidst cutting-edge technologies.

National Government Licensed Guide Interpreter:English

I am an English-speaking guide living in Sendai.
I strongly feel that traveling has enriched my life and I would love for you to feel the same way.
I have a lot of experience of guiding the tsunami-affected areas caused by the earthquake in 2011. While guiding, I would love to tell you about the history, culture and little-known facts of our area that you won’t want to miss. I have experience in guiding both individuals & group tours, as well as assisting in business trips and excursions after conferences.
Tohoku region has lots of attractive places that you can enjoy in every season. With a guide, your trip will be much easier!

Ms. Norika SATO
National Government Licensed Guide Interpreter:Italian

Sono una guida turistica autorizzata e un'interprete. Il mio pezzo forte sono i luoghi di interesse turistico e la cultura tradizionale. Oltre alle città famose, vi consiglio di visitare anche Tohoku, a nord est, dove rimangono molte usanze tipiche. Amo far conoscere il mio Paese anche attraverso la gastronomia. Sarò felice di aiutarvi a scoprire il vero volto del Giappone, organizzando un itinerario su misura per voi!

Mr. Tadashi SEKI
National Government Licensed Guide Interpreter:English

Hello, I’m Tadashi SEKI. I used to teach English at high school. I’m a nationally licensed English-speaking tour guide and interpreter. I am fond of meeting people. I’ve guided FITs as well as group tourists by bus. Whenever I guide tourists, I always find it inspiring to me. I’d like to show you Tohoku. It’s full of wonders and an interesting place to visit any time of the year. I’m looking forward to seeing you.

Cell+81 (0)90 7568 4868

National Government Licensed Guide Interpreter:English

I’m an English-speaking tour guide. Sendai is my second hometown, and I love this place so much. Tohoku region boasts abundant nature and delicious seafood.Local people are very nice and kind. If you visit us, you can find many fascinating places and enjoy local cuisine. I’m cheerful and love to learn new things. The interpreting guide work is so rewarding and fun that I truly enjoy it! I’m looking forward to seeing you.

National Government Licensed Guide Interpreter:English

I was born and raised in Tohoku and I’ve lived in Sendai more than 30 years. I know about Sendai, Matsushima and other tourist spots in Tohoku such as Yamadera, Hiraizumi, and so on, very well. I have experienced a variety of guiding including private tours, group tours, inspection tours of tsunami affected areas, and many other tours. I like talking with people. If you visit Tohoku, I’d love to take you to the most interesting and beautiful places in this area. I’m looking forward to seeing you soon.

Ms. Ekuko TANABE
National Government Licensed Guide Interpreter:English

Born in Fukushima Prefecture, I lived in Tokyo, USA and London before moving to an area famous for“1000 Cherry Trees at a single glance” at the foot of the Zao mountain range just south of Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture. Japan has an interesting culture and history, many scenic spots and warm-hearted people. I have had experience of various kind of tours including cruise, group, and private in the areas of Tohoku (Aomori, Akita, Iwate, Yamagata, Miyagi & Fukushima), Tokyo, Nikko and Hokkaido. Taking advantage of my experience, I would like to assist you to have a wonderful and memorable time when traveling in these areas and also all over Japan.

As a national government licensed English-speaking guide, my aim is to be a heartfelt guide and I will try to comply with all your requests.

Ms. Kyoko TANINO
National Government Licensed Guide Interpreter:English

Hello, I’m Kyoko Tanino. I work at an information desk in Sendai and I am a national licensed guide. I feel that I have a wealth of information about Sendai, and Miyagi, and I’d like to share that information with you. I’m an avid runner and am knowledgeable about running courses throughout Miyagi which means I also know great places to relax and cool down. If you’re planning to come to Sendai, I’d love to have the opportunity of guiding you around this region and I’m sure you’d have a wonderful time here.

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