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Popular Recommended Destinations -Fukushima Prefecture-


Aizu Wakamatsu City is called Samurai City. During the Boshin Civil War in 1868, the Aizu clan fought as a central Shogunate-supporting force against the new government force. This historical battle made the town famous all over Japan. Tsuruga Castle is a symbol of Aizu, restored in 1965. Now, the castle is a museum showing the history of Aizu. There remains a tea house called Rinkaku built about 400 years ago. There are about 1,000 cherry trees on the castle grounds.

Iimoriyama hill is well known for the samurai boys' troop named White Tiger. The 15- and 16-year old samurai boys committed mass suicide there during the War according to their samurai spirits. Iimoriyama has also a mysterious wooden tower, Sazae-do, meaning turban shell hall. The Samurai Residence is a restored samurai house of a chief retainer of Aizu clan. This house shows us the high-class lifestyle of the samurai.


Located in the north-central part of Fukushima Prefecture, Ura-Bandai is the northern area of Mount Bandai, a highland of 700-1,000 meters high. Mt. Bandai erupted on July 15, 1888. This eruption created breathtaking scenery surrounded by a wealth of nature, with beautiful ponds, lakes, and volcanoes.

This area is a haven for ecotourism and adventure. Nineteen courses cross the Urabandai Highland connecting its forests and lakes. The beginners’ course, for example, will take about an hour. Goshiki-numa or Five-Colored Ponds comprise several small ponds. Each of the ponds shows a delicately different color ranging from reddish green to cobalt blue. “Bishamon-numa pond”, the largest swamp in this course, is also famous for having a“happiness bringing carp”with a heart-mark on its belly,so why don’t you try and find it?

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