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Popular Recommended Destinations -Aomori Prefecture-


Hirosaki, a former castle town, is located in the southwestern part of Aomori Prefecture. In the early 17th century, the area was called Tsugaru after the feudal Tsugaru family that ruled over the area.

Hirosaki, with a population of 180,000, is the second largest city in Aomori Prefecture. A major landmark of the city is Hirosaki Castle, which was built in 1611 by the Tsugaru Clan. The castle has been open to the public as Hirosaki Park since 1895.

In addition to the castle, there still remain several historical Japanese houses built during the Edo Period and European-style buildings made just after the Meiji Restoration, because the city was not subject to air raids during the Second World War. Hirosaki has many seasonal festivals: in spring the Cherry Blossom Festival, in autumn the Chrysanthemum and Maple Leaf Festival, and in winter the Snow Lantern Festival, all in Hirosaki Park. And in summer the Neputa Festival parades through the streets.

Lake Towada

Lake Towada is a part of the Towada-Hachimantai National Park and is a typical double crater lake located on the border between Aomori and Akita prefectures. The lake is 400 meters above sea level and 326.8 meters deep. It is roughly circular in shape, with two peninsulas extending from its southern shore approximately one-third into the center of the lake. It is 12th largest lake in Japan. Towada is a mysterious lake full of bright blue colored water. There are four observation points set up around the lake, so you can enjoy the lake’s appearance from different angles. It shows many different faces depending on the season. Fresh green leaves in spring and colored leaves in fall will fascinate you, and in winter its fantastic snow scenes will soothe you. A sculpture of two women at the lake shore titled “The Maiden Statue” by Kotaro Takamura is worth seeing. The lake is a famed tourist spot.

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